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Mode S Codes

Complete Current Online Registers - Australia, Canada, Netherlands, Switzerland, US and UK(ModeS only)
(with some exceptions of balloons, gliders and microlights)

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This facility compliments the Kinetic SBS and other 1090Mhz receivers and is constructed from a variety of source data including the official country registers, the GAS Gatwick movements database and the many personal contributors from users around the world to whom we extend our special thanks for their efforts and enthusiasm.

As many country authorities do not publish Mode S codes on their websites (or even, in notable cases, their national Registers), this lookup is necessarily incomplete. Australian, UK, US, Canadian, Dutch and Swiss coverage, however, is very comprehensive and up to date. Additions will be made regularly based on positively identified input.

A number of countries have used algorithms to generate their Codes. Where these have been identified, the lookup uses the algoritm sequence if the code is otherwise unidentified. In this event, a warning message will be displayed. Particular thanks go to Bones, Dave Reid, Jakob Dahlgaard Kristensen and GAS members for their work in this field.

If you wish to have updates from your own personal confirmed entries, please submit them for inclusion via the form below.
Alternatively you can EMail lists to Mode S info.

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