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Active Display Overview

AD is an extended SBS real-time data viewer and editor for maintaining SBS derived data.


It displays data in real time and enriches the raw input by extracting additional data from online services.

There are currently 3 main program components...

1) The Active Display which lists and edits all aircraft received in the current session together with data for each extracted from basestation.sqb and, optionally, GAS (or your own DB when mobile/offline).

In addition, the display includes new, derived data like Radio Callsigns and Routes and additional elements like Sub-Operator.

It is capable of displaying sub-divisions of Active data, eg Alerts, Military, Interested etc.

2) The Aircraft Display which is a full Basestation.sqb (Aircraft Databas) editor and uses a similar format and functionality to that of the Active display.

3) The data manipulation function previously contained within the old SBSPopulate (no longer supported) with many additions.


Additional functions version 3.1/4.2


  • The facility to have AD automatically create yesterday's log at a time specified, and EMailed to a predetermined address.

  • Export of the display grids. This covers the Active, Aircraft and the Filters.

  • Reinstatement of the Interested files in the single record update (+/-)

  • Extension of the colour options to the two primary displays.

  • Ability to flag an aircraft as a miscode (this will be extended further in a future release)

    This allows an aircraft to be manually flagged as a miscode via the 'Miscode' field on the Active and the 'UserBool5' on the Aircraft display.
    Updating the Active, automatically updates the sqb.
    A new Filter 'X' displays all miscodes.
    It is suggested that UserString5 is used for recording the real registration, if required.
    Mapping of these fields will be incorporated in a future version.
    An option to have all received aircraft with a country of 'Not Allocated' flagged as miscodes in the Settings>>Options>>Basestation tab.
Additional functions version 3.0


  • Fully editable realtime Aircraft List
  • A new underlying active aircraft DB accessible to the user
  • Populate function extensions allowing single field update plus the inclusion of a sub-Operator field
  • Populate support for mobile operation
  • Extended display showing Logos, Sub-Operator, Radio Callsign, Alert, Route and Squawk plus a Photo display
  • Ability to choose fields for display including separate column Silhouettes and personalised Headings
  • Optional 'Real Time' Photo display as aircraft are received
  • Optional 'On Top' Alerts for multiple categories including previously unknown aircraft
  • Visibilty and editability of all user-defined fields
  • User-defined mapping of new data elements to the Basestation sqb for Radar display purposes
  • One-click toggle screen selection and separation of data/aircraft categories (Popped, Unknowns, Alerts, Interested, Military and Previously Unknowns)
  • New user-maintainable integrated Resources DB containing Airport, Airline, and Route Data with Import/Export function
  • Bulk Aircraft record deletions
  • Cut and paste (into Excel etc) at field or line selection level
  • Pause and catchup capability including Session restart
  • Full Basestation SBS database search and edit facilities using the same interface
  • A function to correct, integrity check and reorganise the Basestation SBS DB
  • Manual and automatic Basestation radar refresh


all the original SBSPopulate individual and bulk editing facilities with improved performance