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Active Display Lite
Installation Instructions
First Time Installation

•  Download the program zip file and SAVE it to a folder you can remember (eg ADLite).

•  Unzip the file

•  Click [Setup.exe] and the install will start

•  The ‘Launch' screen will appear


•  Followed automatically by the Basestation database locator screen which looks like ...


You will notice that the program has recognised your Operating System version.

The purpose of this step is to tell ADLite where your active Basestation database is installed.

Assuming you let Basestation be installed in the default location (ie you did not intentionally change this) AND you had User Account Control turned ON (Windows default) when Basestation was installed then just click [OK].

If you did NOT conform to the above Basestation process, you should click the radio button labelled [I have specified my own location] before clicking [OK]. You will then be presented with the standard Windows folder locator dialogue where you can navigate to the known location of your Basestation database (basestation.sqb).

The ADLite Primary Display window will then be displayed.
It is recommended that you initially select Help>>Documentation from the main menu and download the User Notes in Word or Pdf format as required.


Before re-installing ADLite, any old versions must be uninstalled using Windows Control Panel BEFORE attempting the re-install.

Otherwise the process for re-installing ADLite is identical to the First Time one.